Today’s commercial operations have complex security needs: internal crimes, theft, property damage, fraud, . . . the list goes on and on. You can confront these risks head-on, using AVS’ applied experience, state-of-the-art technology and relationship-driven customer service to protect your business and provide you with up-to-the-minute business intelligence.

Reduce Loss and Tighten Control

Designed to protect commercial properties, our wide service offering incorporates intrusion alarms, video surveillance, access control, audio systems and cabling to address your requirements.

Burglar Alarms

Intrusion detection systems sound an audible alarm at the first occurrence of a break-in. You can self-monitor your facility or use a central station monitoring center to monitor your business, for faster emergency response times. Agents are trained to respond to a variety of scenarios, and will dispatch authorities immediately.

Video Surveillance

The presence of cameras can often be all you need to deter intruders, notifying security personnel of suspicious activity at key entry points. Video surveillance has become the fastest growing security solution, with a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and night vision cameras available. For high-end locations, AVS can install and maintain camera systems that integrate with security and access control systems, incorporating two-way voice, and a live video feed component for central station monitoring.

Access Control

Electronic access control represents the best option to keep control of building flows, while improving your security climate. It can provide an additional layer of protection, giving access privileges to those who need them, but preventing unauthorized entry. Your system can stay up to the minute, by adding or deleting users when staff join or leave.

Structured cabling / backbone wiring

AVS designs and custom installs the wiring infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet, digital satellite, telephone, and cable television non-invasively throughout your building. High-speed communications enter the building and are distributed to individual rooms.

Audio systems

We provide commercial clients with integrated solutions and superior quality for all audio needs. We offer solutions for effective electronic communication and are committed to delivering quality sound and ease-of-use in boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms or wherever you may need them.

Take Control of Your Commercial Security

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