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As a business owner, the concept of return on investment (ROI) drives your performance. With recent national increases in theft, unexplained inventory shortages, shoplifting and fraud, a security system can provide a better return than almost any other expenditure.

Increase Your Success

AVS partners with small businesses to develop cost-effective solutions to meet your challenges. Our wide service offering helps businesses by incorporating burglar and fire alarm systems, access control, video surveillance, audio and intercom systems to reduce loss and tighten control.

Solutions for Operational Efficiency

Burglar Alarms

Intrusion detection systems use an audible alarm that sounds in the event of a break in. You can also choose to have your alarm system monitored by a central station monitoring center, for faster emergency response times in the event of a break in or robbery.

Fire Alarms

Small businesses have unique needs for fire safety; AVS can meet these needs by installing a fire alarm system. The systems are rated and designed to address your requirements, and will comply with local fire inspectors and industry regulations.

Access Control

Electronic access control represents the best option to keep control of building traffic flow, while improving your security climate. It provides an additional layer of protection, giving access rights to staff who need them, but preventing unauthorized entry. Your system can stay up to the minute, by adding or deleting users when new staff join or leave.

Video Surveillance

A significant step toward protecting company assets can come from implementing a video surveillance program. Cost-effective indoor, outdoor and night vision cameras can help make up the perfect video surveillance solution to protect your assets. Also, studies reveal that employees are far less likely to steal from employers when they know security cameras are watching.

Audio Systems

Sound can play a big part in creating the vibe of your workspace. Our technicians will work with you to deliver sound quality that enhances your business atmosphere.

Intercom systems

Improve your communication instantly with an intercom system. Use intercoms to locate or speak with staff, make emergency announcements or page people in any part of the building.

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